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Unique Art Proves No Problem for PACK & SEND

Jun 09 2017


 Laurence Song has ensured the safe shipment of one of the most unique art packages we have seen come through PACK & SEND of late. Laurence, who's been a PACK & SEND franchisee for four years, enjoys the helpful network and people he's involved with. Along with this, he says his favourite part of the job is the fact that he has different work to do on a daily basis - this consignment being no exception.

This particular job saw three large figures needing to be packed and shipped to their buyer, Mr Fitzgibbon, who bought the creations from Mossgreen Gallery.  Being quite large and very fragile, Mr Fitzgibbon wanted to ensure the art pieces would be delivered with care and safety. Laurence’s PACK & SEND retail service centre is a recommended carrier of Mossgreen Gallery for this exact reason, so after purchasing the pieces, Mr Fitzgibbon contacted Laurence to find a solution to transport the figures.


Showing the dedication and customer service PACK & SEND takes pride in, Laurence chose to personally deliver this special package. "These art installations are extremely fragile," said Lawrence, "I delivered them myself to avoid any potential damage.” Before placing them in his van, the figures had to be packaged in custom made boxes, only after being individually wrapped in bubble wrap with extreme care.

Thanks to Laurence and his PACK & SEND team, another uniquely special package has been delivered safely to another satisfied client.


PACK & SEND are the experts in packing fragile freight for dispatch overseas.  No job is too big or small, from sending a laptop to New Zealand, to moving servers to Singapore or artwork to Argentina – we take care of everything. Give us a call today on 1300 668 000.

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