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Jun 14 2022

Types of Kitting? Ultimate Guide to Product & Material Kitting

"Pile them high, sell them cheap” 

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Jun 10 2022

What Does Delivery Exception Mean? (And How to Deal With It)

With the continued growth of global eCommerce, the issue of failed deliveries is also growing bigger. 

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May 05 2022

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the PACK & SEND team has come up with some great gifts for every kind of mum. This year, maybe more than ever, mum's deserve to be spoiled, especially if...

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Apr 19 2022

Ultimate List of Every eCommerce Term to Know in 2022

Have you ever found yourself in an awkward conversation where the other person is talking to you in jargon that you have no clue about? 

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Apr 12 2022

Top 10 tips to save time when sending parcels

When you send thousands of parcels every day like we do, you get to know plenty of tips, tricks and hacks that are guaranteed to save time, every step of the way.

We've put together the best of the...

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Apr 04 2022

Pick and Pack Like a Pro - 8 Ways to Do It Quickly [Updated 2022]

When was the last time you redesigned the pick-pack-ship process of your eCommerce business? 

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Apr 01 2022

Christmas Ecommerce Strategy 2022 - 7 CRO Tips to 10x Revenue

Businesses and economies across the globe are recovering from the damage caused by Covid-19. 

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Mar 23 2022

What is Dropshipping? Definition, Process and Best Practices

If you’ve been exploring online business opportunities, you would’ve come across this word — dropshipping. 

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Mar 22 2022

PACK & SEND announces record breaking 2021 sales results

Australia’s leading courier and logistics franchise PACK & SEND continues to smash sales records, achieving AUD $91.1 million global sales revenue in 2021. This amounts to 26% growth over the...

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