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Jun 29 2017

Lucky Buyer to Make Huge Profit from Statues Belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte

Any eBay buyer who takes a chance on antiques or vintage art is hoping to get lucky - buy an item cheap and sell it for big profits. One lucky PACK & SEND customer has recently done just that.


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Jun 01 2017

How Savvy Travellers can get around the US and UK New Electronic Device Restrictions

Can you imagine not being allowed to bring a tablet or laptop on a flight in this present day? Now, the US has banned passengers from carrying devices larger than a mobile phone on flights...

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Apr 18 2017

The EMDG Scheme – A Grant for Australian Exporters

Do you own, or are you a part of a small – medium Australian business that exports Australian goods? The Export Market Development Grants scheme could be for you!

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Feb 27 2017

Finalists Announcement - PACK & SEND Small Business Grant

The Inaugural PACK & SEND Small Business Logistics Grant is our way of giving back to Australia's small businesses. PACK & SEND will be awarding the most outstanding entrant $10,000 worth of courier...

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Jan 30 2017

Meet the mentor – Hannah Staples from Peppermint Grove

We are now entering the final stages of judging for the PACK & SEND Small Business Logistics Grant. The grant had over 130 entries from small businesses across the nation – an exciting result!


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Jan 23 2017

Shortlisted Entries Announced: Small Business Logistics Grant

The inaugural PACK & SEND Small Business Logistics Grant has been a huge success and has gathered a large number of entries. The Grant has certainly captured the imagination of the Small Business...

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Dec 14 2016

Last chance to register for the PACK & SEND Small Business Logistics Grant

The cut-off date for final registrations for the PACK & SEND Small Business Logistics Grant is fast approaching, and we are so excited by the calibre of small businesses that have entered so far.


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May 21 2014

Go green! How to recycle old office technology

Look around your office and you’ll see dozens of items that can be recycled that, in most cases, are being thrown into the regular rubbish bin and left to linger on landfills across the country.

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Feb 04 2014

Can you hear that sweet tune?

Gather your parcels and follow the Pied Piper to PACK & SEND!

In celebration of our 20th anniversary and a decade of rapid growth, we’re excited to share with you our new PACK & SEND TVC, the...

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