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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts

May 07 2017

Best gifts this Mothers Day

With Mother’s Day 2017 just a week away (a reminder that it’s the 14th of May this year, for all the forgetful sons and daughters out there), the PACK & SEND team has come up with some great gifts for every kind of mum. Your mum is likely one of, if not, the most important lady in your life, so getting the perfect gift can be difficult. You'll want it to be sentimental, useful, and thoughtful, so think about what makes your mother happy, and how you can make that even better for her.

Here are our top Mother’s Day gifts:

1. A Mini Library Shelf

If your mum is a reader who constantly has a book (or two) at hand, she will likely appreciate somewhere close by to keep the books she’s currently reading on display. This shelf doesn’t need to be big, in fact, enough space for about 4 books should do the job. Look for something nice that will match your mum's taste and fit in with her favourite reading space.

2. Perennial Water Bottle

Everyone knows how important it is to keep hydrated and how much of a task this can seem to be. A good water bottle can make all the difference. Perennial water bottles are stainless steel, keep beverages cold or hot for up to 12 hours and come in stylish designs, meaning your mum can take her drinks anywhere and everywhere.

3. A Quality Breakfast Tray

If breakfast in bed is a Mother’s Day tradition, make it extra special this year by serving it on a new breakfast tray. Breakfast trays don’t have to be boring standard trays, many come with fantastic designs and colours. Try one with a built in flower vase and add her favourite flower to decorate the tray.

4. Stacked Apothecary Jars

If your mum’s bathroom is full of beauty supplies, or her kitchen is overflowing with ingredients, check out these beautiful and functional glass containers. These containers which stack upon one another are great for storing almost anything your mum desires. Not only do they look great, but they save space and make everything easily accessible.

5. Scoops of Flower Measuring Spoons

These cooking utensils look so good they are likely to find a permanent position on your mother’s kitchen bench. This set of measuring spoons, which look like flowers in a pot plant, includes the four standard size measuring spoons ranging from ¼ teaspoon to one tablespoon. The four colourful measuring spoons will be in constant reach during your mum’s baking.

6. Bed Wedge Reading Pillow

If your mum loves reading, but already has a place to keep her books (meaning no.1 on this list is out of contention), perhaps a bed wedge pillow is what she needs. This pillow sits between the mattress and the headboard, helping your mum read in bed with maximum comfort. The pillow can also be used to assist anyone wanting to sleep sitting up.

7. Flower Power Plant Hanger

This one’s for the crafty mums, especially those who love to knit. This macramé kit will bring out her creative side while also connecting her with nature. The kit includes a pattern and yarn in 2 colours. A thoughtful extra step of picking up her favourite plant will make this the perfect gift.

8. Ice Mold/Wine Bottle Chiller

If your mum is an entertainer and enjoys holding dinner parties, book clubs or other get togethers, this clever bottle chiller is for her. This ice mold not only keeps a bottle of wine chilled, it turns the bottle into a beautiful centrepiece. The ice can be frozen on its own or have berries, herbs, flowers or citrus slices added for decoration. The stainless-steel coaster collects the melting ice and extends its life for up to 6 hours.


Mothers Day is almost upon us, so don't leave your gift shopping too late!  If you also need to send it to Mum, you don't have much time to spare.  For those running low on time, remember PACK & SEND offer urgent & time definite couriers services to many destinations.

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