PACK & SEND has reported a 28.9 per cent increase in export parcel shipments and a 33.7 per cent increase in the total weight of parcels shipped overseas during the first quarter of FY2016.

The increase relates to PACK & SEND’s express air parcel services only and is indicative of the opportunities available to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) to compete and profit across international borders.

Michael Paul, CEO of PACK & SEND, said its customers are predominantly SME’s who are using internet marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon and social media platforms to win international business.

“SME’s who sell product online are increasingly recognising the opportunities to grow their business globally, if they partner with the right logistics company. With Australia’s current economic growth rate being around 2.5%, our 28.9% export shipment growth is certainly not typical for the express courier sector – and is a reflection of how we support the growth of our customers”.

“Our evolving business model is giving customers more choice of parcel and freight services at very competitive prices – with the option of booking services online, in store or over the phone. We have also developed specialised technology that allows customers to connect their eBay store with our convenient online sending solutions. That means eBay sellers can automatically calculate, list and print labels for parcel shipments, all at the click of a button”.

PACK & SEND’s point of difference also includes adding value and reselling the services of international courier companies under its brand (just as a travel agent resells airline services). Customers therefore get the benefits of using multiple carriers, while dealing with just one point of contact who makes the whole shipping process seamless.

DHL (a key supplier partner to PACK & SEND) recently published it’s DHL Export Barometer1 revealing that online export commerce continues to grow and confirming PACK & SEND’s experience that a greater number of businesses are branching into social media channels to stimulate export sales.
Despite the strong growth, Paul says PACK & SEND is not complacent.

“We are currently shifting into another gear of innovation and improvement to stay ahead of the curve. We’re continuing to invest in the future with new technology and systems allowing us to engage with more customers and leverage opportunities in more markets”.



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