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Welcome to our ‘Anything Anywhere’ Blog!

Feb 04 2014

Welcome to our ‘Anything Anywhere’ Blog!

We've launched this blog to offer you helpful hints and tips and a little insight into our world of packing and sending anything, anywhere!

We thought we’d start by giving you a sneak peak at the top ten most weird and wonderful items we've sent over the last 20 years...Imagine how much bubble wrap a humpback whale needs! We love a challenge and luckily our teams are experts at thinking outside the box, when it comes to packing one.

Since PACK & SEND opened its first store in 1993 we've grown to over 130 service centres, so when we put the call out to create this list there were a lot of stories to tell! It was tough to cut it down to ten but here we go:

  1. A girl – wait, what? She wanted to surprise her parents after returning from travelling, so jumped in a box and turned up at their doorstep!
  2. A life size blow up humpback whale and calf, weighing a massive 300kg.
  3. Baby’s milk, sent from the UK to New Zealand. No joke.
  4. Elephant tusks 2.5 metres long from Africa sent to Hong Kong – try getting that through customs!
  5. Ceremonial swords – hiiyaa!
  6. A stuffed peacock... with full expanded 2 metre wingspan.
  7. A 60th birthday cake moved 600kms across the country.
  8. A giant working Ferris Wheel model (5ft by 2ft) shipped from Europe to a local antiques fair.
  9. A pair of large binoculars from a WW2 Japanese warship. What they were doing in country Victoria, who knows?
  10. A three metre long computer data server filled with mini servers sent to Singapore – now that’s a lot of memory!

We’re busy packing some more insights to send your way in time for our next delivery!

Bye for now

Girl delivered in a box


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