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Aug 31 2017

Flying Melissa Zimmerman's Wings

Melissa Zimmerman is an Aussie World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) Diva Fitness Model who has devoted her life to coaching and competing in the WBFF Fitness and Fashion events. The WBFF offer the...

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Aug 16 2017

The Hidden Surprises of Working in Logistics

Logistics is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

That’s how Peter Chrisfield describes his role as a PACK & SEND franchisee! Peter took ownership of PACK & SEND South...

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Jun 29 2017

Lucky Buyer to Make Huge Profit from Statues Belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte

Any eBay buyer who takes a chance on antiques or vintage art is hoping to get lucky - buy an item cheap and sell it for big profits. One lucky PACK & SEND customer has recently done just that.


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Jun 27 2017

Shipping a Dolls House with a Difference - Dunroven Hotel

Chris Goon sees a vast variety of interesting items pass through his PACK & SEND Frankston Service Centre every day. That’s what he enjoys most during his 8 years of being a franchisee, which has...

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Jun 09 2017

Unique Art Proves No Problem for PACK & SEND

 Laurence Song has ensured the safe shipment of one of the most unique art packages we have seen come through PACK & SEND of late. Laurence, who's been a PACK & SEND franchisee for four years, enjoys...

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Jun 06 2017

PACK & SEND Ships (a Model of) Cheap Housing

Previously we brought you the story of Tony Stamboulie, a PACK & SEND franchise owner of 18 years, and how he helped ship a model particle accelerator. This time Tony has helped ship a model house....

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May 30 2017

Case Study: PACK & SEND Delivers BIG Art

PACK & SEND can help you find shipping solutions for packages both large and small, but this item that passed through Des Papac’s Pack & SEND was truly HUGE.

Des Papac, who has been a PACK & SEND...

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May 16 2017

9 Items Backpackers Shouldn't Travel Without

Backpacking can be a life changing experience that will open you to exciting experiences, interesting people and new places. Many first-time backpackers however, struggle to know what to pack past...

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May 03 2017

What to Consider When Hiring Movers

Hiring good movers is one of the most important decisions you'll make when moving. You’ll want to be confident that the movers you've chosen will take care of your valuable items, offer the best...

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Apr 26 2017

How to Sell More Art Online

While signing up to a big, well known art website to help sell your art online is easy and simple, the same cannot be said about actually selling your art. After a few months of being signed up to a...

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