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May 12 2017

Moving to the US? Best US Cities to Live in

Moving to the US? Instead of going straight to New York or LA, consider some of the lesser known, smaller cities. There are plenty of great cities around the US, and some offer a low cost of living...

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May 03 2017

What to Consider When Hiring Movers

Hiring good movers is one of the most important decisions you'll make when moving. You’ll want to be confident that the movers you've chosen will take care of your valuable items, offer the best...

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Apr 28 2017

Moving from Australia to LA? What you need to know!

Australia and Los Angeles are two very different places. When you begin planning a new part of your life in the US, there are many things for Australians to consider. The entire process of moving...

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Apr 20 2017

Moving to the UK from Australia

You’re moving to the UK. You’ve got the new job, the exchange to a London university, you’re moving for family, or simply, you’re searching for a change. Anticipating the big move, you've organised...

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Apr 11 2017

Top Packing Tips for Moving to a New House

Whether you’re excited to be moving to a new house or sad to leave your home, packing is a hassle. If you’re moving down the road, interstate, the packing process will essentially be the same.  If...

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