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Feb 19 2021

eCommerce 2021: The COVID-19 Impact and the Emergence of New Tech

eCommerce saw a rapid boom in 2020 thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.Retail eCommerce, as such, was already growing at a staggering pace — in 2019, retail eCommerce sales worldwide amounted to 3.53...

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Dec 10 2020

A Guide to eCommerce Marketing for Christmas 2020 

Christmas is the biggest online spending period for Australians. The month of November has the second highest growth rate for online spending, with Australian retailers leveraging on overseas...

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Oct 21 2020

7 Tips To Boost eCommerce Christmas Sales


Christmas is the biggest time of year for any type of retailer. But as more shoppers move into the online sphere each year, it’s eCommerce retailers who are seeing the biggest jumps in sales and...

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Oct 16 2020

PACK & SEND sales soar in first quarter of 2020/21 financial year


PACK & SEND has reported global system-wide sales of AUD $20.5 million in its first fiscal quarter (Jul-Sep) of FY2020/21 – representing a 28% growth on the same period last year....

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Feb 05 2020

How to Grow Your Import Business

 If you’re in the import business, it's likely you have or will need to grapple with issues regarding stock procurement, storage, distribution and delivery to your customers. Each of these areas...

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Nov 08 2017

5 Great Tips for Marketing Your eCommerce Business

You may have an awesome product, but your eCommerce business won’t succeed if you fail to market it properly. Validating the market is one thing, but truly connecting with it is another. In a...

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Sep 22 2017

New technology investment by PACK & SEND saves SME’s time and money


Australia's leading parcel courier reseller PACK & SEND has just announced new parcel delivery options and improved pricing for its fast growing Online Self-Service booking solution....

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Sep 18 2017

6 Payment Methods in the 21st century

How did you make your last payment? Cash, card or with your phone? There's a chance it wasn't even one of the methods mentioned above! With today's technological advances, payment options are...

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Sep 13 2017

Selling something online? Watch out for this!


Selling your used items online has become so commonplace, and scams taking advantage of online sellers have evolved and increased. PACK & SEND Belconnen recently helped a customer avoid a scam,...

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