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Jun 29 2017

Lucky Buyer to Make Huge Profit from Statues Belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte

Any eBay buyer who takes a chance on antiques or vintage art is hoping to get lucky - buy an item cheap and sell it for big profits. One lucky PACK & SEND customer has recently done just that.


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Jun 16 2017

The Most Expensive Items Sold on eBay

The world’s largest marketplace is now more than 20 years old and is one of the most recognised companies across the globe. With hundreds of millions of listings live at any one point, eBay, the...

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May 19 2017

7 Products with a Great Resale Value

A low price might seem like a smart buy initially, however, if you plan to resell later, this generally means the product loses the majority of its value after purchase. This is common when...

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Apr 06 2017

Household Items you can sell for quick cash

Think of all the items around your house that are collecting dust. No doubt there are plenty of expensive, branded products that could put a bit of extra cash in your pocket. One man’s trash is...

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