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Sep 28 2017

Cameron Swale shares some firsthand insights into the life of a PACK & SEND business owner

For some, starting out as a new franchise owner can be a somewhat daunting process. However, if equipped with the right tools, knowledge and franchisor support, setting up your own franchise can...

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Sep 25 2017

Top tips on planning the perfect destination wedding

 Recent statistics have shown that more and more Australians are choosing to get married in exotic and far flung locations in a bid to save costs for their big day. However, for many couples,...

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Sep 22 2017

New technology investment by PACK & SEND saves SME’s time and money


Australia's leading parcel courier reseller PACK & SEND has just announced new parcel delivery options and improved pricing for its fast growing Online Self-Service booking solution....

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Sep 21 2017

PACK & SEND Business Scholarship Winner Announced


Congratulations to Mathew Holt of Western Sydney University for being awarded the PACK & SEND Business Scholarship 2017!

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Sep 20 2017

Lessons from our Franchisees Of The Year 2017


Over the past year, PACK & SEND North Sydney experienced a sales growth of 25% and PACK & SEND Crows Nest had a sales growth of 14%. They have also maintained a reasonable margin and achieved a...

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Sep 18 2017

6 Payment Methods in the 21st century

How did you make your last payment? Cash, card or with your phone? There's a chance it wasn't even one of the methods mentioned above! With today's technological advances, payment options are...

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Sep 15 2017

PACK & SEND delivers to Big W stores nationwide



Centrum Printing is a company which produces promotional material for corporations such as Big W, JB Hi-Fi, and Target.

Sandeep Bhardwaj, Owner of PACK & SEND Liverpool, tells us about a...

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Sep 13 2017

Selling something online? Watch out for this!


Selling your used items online has become so commonplace, and scams taking advantage of online sellers have evolved and increased. PACK & SEND Belconnen recently helped a customer avoid a scam,...

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Sep 11 2017

PACK & SEND Delivers Some Love


In today's day and age where almost everything we see in the media seems to be negative or bad news... we present to you a little heart-warming story to change the tune.

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Sep 08 2017

Social Media Marketing Tips from 20 Small Businesses (Part 2)


We reached out to 20 small business owners and asked them the following questions: 

1. How important is a social media presence for small businesses?

2. How can a small business like yours...

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