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12 Tips for Reducing Stress on Moving Day

Reducing Stress on Moving DayMoving day is one of the more stressful times you’ll encounter. So, what can you do to minimise stress on the day of the move? Besides packing your belongings and preparing everything for the move, there are several other handy tips you should follow. Read on for 12 ways to reduce your stress on moving day. Continue reading 12 Tips for Reducing Stress on Moving Day

Travelling on a Student Budget

Travelling on a student budgetSummer is the most anticipated time of the year. Travelling throughout the summer is a must for any student! However, saving for a trip is always tough for students. So, how can you make the most of a student budget while travelling on your summer break?

Part of spending time in a foreign country is exploring and seeing what the country has to offer. There are some great ways you can make the most of your limited money and stick to a small budget. Travelling on a Student Budget. Continue reading Travelling on a Student Budget

11 Etiquette Tips for Giving Business Gifts

business gift givingChoosing the perfect gift for your colleagues and clients always turns out to be more complicated than you first imagined. Many factors play a role in selecting a suitable gift, but where to start?  No matter where or when you do your shopping, there are rules you can follow that will guide you towards giving a gift that is appropriate, appreciated and remembered for all the right reasons. Here are 11 etiquette tips for giving business gifts. Continue reading 11 Etiquette Tips for Giving Business Gifts