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5 Actions a Successful Marketing Manger Does Everyday

5 Actions a Successful Marketing Manager Does Every Day

Marketing managers are in important roles with a lot of responsibilities and tasks to handle each and every day. With so much to do, there are certain habits a person can form to help ensure they get through the day efficiently and effectively. Here’s what a successful marketing manager should be doing every day: Continue reading 5 Actions a Successful Marketing Manager Does Every Day


The Best Things to Sell Online

The world of online retail is competitive and gaining attention and sales can be hit or miss. So before you enter the E-tailer world, it’s critical that you decide on a product that will attract consumers. Researching ‘popular products’ or product trends will allow you to choose a product that will continue to get sales. It’s common sense, don’t waste time trying to sell a product nobody is buying.

Google Trends will provide insight into trending products. This tool uses overall search volume to discover trends of a product and can be dated back to search 1 week or 10 years. You can compare goods or searches, and see the location where your desired product is in high demand.

Other sites like Reddit or product reviews sites will also provide information on trending products. Bigger online retailers like Alibaba and Amazon have “best seller” categories you can research; these consumer marketplaces are enormous and will give an excellent idea of trending products.

The team at Pack & Send have pulled together a list of the best things to sell online: Continue reading The Best Things to Sell Online


Top Packing Tips for Moving to a New House

Whether you’re excited to be moving to a new house or sad to leave your home, packing is a hassle. If you’re moving down the road, interstate, the packing process will essentially be the same.  If you are keen to save money and organise your move yourself with DIY packing; just know that there is a trade off –  it will be very time-consuming.

Here are some great tips for packing up your house for a self-service move.

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5 Great Gifts to Send Clients

What makes the perfect gift for a client? There are a few elements to consider. Relevance to the individual receiving being of the greatest importance. Show this client that you honestly care for and value their business. Impress them with the thought and effort that has clearly gone into the gift. Go to the extra effort or spend the extra money now, and build a relationship that will benefit you in the long run. To make a real, lasting impression, gifts  with the company logo or something your business produces are out of the question.

So, what are some great gift ideas? 
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Can you hear that sweet tune?

Gather your parcels and follow the Pied Piper to PACK & SEND!

In celebration of our 20th anniversary and a decade of rapid growth, we’re excited to share with you our new PACK & SEND TVC, the headline act in a wider brand campaign that builds on our goal to be the first choice for sending ‘anything, anywhere’.

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Welcome to our ‘Anything Anywhere’ Blog!

Welcome to our ‘Anything Anywhere’ Blog!

We’ve launched this blog to offer you helpful hints and tips and a little insight into our world of packing and sending anything, anywhere!

We thought we’d start by giving you a sneak peak at the top ten most weird and wonderful items we’ve sent over the last 20 years…Imagine how much bubble wrap a humpback whale needs! We love a challenge and luckily our teams are experts at thinking outside the box, when it comes to packing one.

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