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The Most Expensive Items Sold on eBay

most expensive ebay itemsThe world’s largest marketplace is now more than 20 years old and is one of the most recognised companies across the globe. With hundreds of millions of listings live at any one point, eBay, the initiator of ecommerce if you will, shows no signs of slowing. Over the years weird and whacky listings of almost every kind have shown up on the site, reimagining the way society does business.

In September 1995, the first item listed on eBay was a broken laser pointer. And in the true essence of eBay, this otherwise useless item was sold, for $14.83. Since then, the site has seen some of the most expensive sales ever made.

Here’s a look at the most expensive items sold on eBay that over 20 years of internet trading has produced: Continue reading The Most Expensive Items Sold on eBay

7 Products with a Great Resale Value

Products with a Great Resale ValueA low price might seem like a smart buy initially, however, if you plan to resell later, this generally means the product loses the majority of its value after purchase. This is common when purchasing cars… once you drive off the lot, the value drops dramatically.

It’s smart to know which brands hold their value when making a new purchase. If you do end up selling, it’s clearly beneficial if you can make the most back. Continue reading 7 Products with a Great Resale Value


Household Items you can sell for quick cash

Think of all the items around your house that are collecting dust. No doubt there are plenty of expensive, branded products that could put a bit of extra cash in your pocket. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Here are some household items you can sell online for some extra cash. Continue reading Household Items you can sell for quick cash

How to put your eBay store ahead of the competition with logistics

Pack&SendIMG_6550_RETOUCHED_HREZThe key to a successful eBay store is making your courier service work for your business. It’s no secret that an effective logistics and fulfilment strategy is essential to remaining competitive – shipping is no longer a back-end process to consider after a sale is made. Fulfilment and logistics are becoming competitive differentiators that, if done right, can significantly drive sales and enhance customer loyalty.

In order to maximise your customers’ shopping experience (and in turn, your profits) PACK & SEND recommends Continue reading How to put your eBay store ahead of the competition with logistics

Five Tips for eBay Selling Success

Customer---eTailer-female---bigstock-Woman-In-Home-Office-With-Comp-4137508-(1)Consumer expectations of retailers have skyrocketed over the past few years with the evolution of online shopping. Regardless of whether they’re shopping on eBay or at their local shopping centre, buyers want instant gratification – they want their experiences to be personalised, intuitive and hassle-free.

PACK & SEND recommend the five tips below for satisfying customers (no matter how fickle) and building a successful presence on eBay. Continue reading Five Tips for eBay Selling Success