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Travelling on a Student Budget

Travelling on a student budgetSummer is the most anticipated time of the year. Travelling throughout the summer is a must for any student! However, saving for a trip is always tough for students. So, how can you make the most of a student budget while travelling on your summer break?

Part of spending time in a foreign country is exploring and seeing what the country has to offer. There are some great ways you can make the most of your limited money and stick to a small budget. Travelling on a Student Budget. Continue reading Travelling on a Student Budget

6 Tips for travelling New Zealand on a Budget

6 Tips for Travelling to New Zealand on a Budget

New Zealand is fast becoming one of the top places to visit for travellers of all ages. Lush forests, beautiful beaches, vast mountainscapes… When you see what New Zealand has to offer, it’s growing popularity is unsurprising. However, the costs associated with reaching the destination, staying in accommodation and getting around the island can be a major turn off for a lot of travellers. Despite this, there are many ways you can explore the country while keeping it relatively cheap. Here are our 6 tips for travelling to New Zealand on a budget: Continue reading 6 Tips for Travelling to New Zealand on a Budget