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The 10 Largest Warehouses in the World

largest warehouseWarehouses are among some of the largest buildings in the world. From manufacturing factories to distribution centres, warehouses can be of mind blowing proportions and can produce mass amounts of products or massive machinery and equipment. Let’s take a look at the largest warehouses in the world. Continue reading The 10 Largest Warehouses in the World

Napoleon Bonaparte Statues

Lucky Buyer to Make Huge Profit from Statues Belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte

Any eBay buyer who takes a chance on antiques or vintage art is hoping to get lucky – buy an item cheap and sell it for big profits. One lucky PACK & SEND customer has recently done just that.

Recently striking gold, the PACK & SEND customer and eBay buyer (who has asked to remain anonymous) is about to make a huge profit from statues belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte that date back to the early 19th century. Continue reading Lucky Buyer to Make Huge Profit from Statues Belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte

8 Ways to Build Employee Engagement in the Office

how to build employee engagementEmployee engagement is undoubtedly an important aspect which needs constant attention within any office. Having an engaged and motivated team can be hugely beneficial to the business, however building and maintaining such a team can prove to be a challenge.

Having a few fresh ideas to help build employee engagement can make all the difference. Here’s our top 8 ideas! Continue reading 8 Ways to Build Employee Engagement in the Office

Travelling on a Student Budget

Travelling on a student budgetSummer is the most anticipated time of the year. Travelling throughout the summer is a must for any student! However, saving for a trip is always tough for students. So, how can you make the most of a student budget while travelling on your summer break?

Part of spending time in a foreign country is exploring and seeing what the country has to offer. There are some great ways you can make the most of your limited money and stick to a small budget. Travelling on a Student Budget. Continue reading Travelling on a Student Budget

Dunroven Hotel

Shipping a Dolls House with a Difference – Dunroven Hotel

Chris Goon sees a vast variety of interesting items pass through his PACK & SEND Frankston Service Centre every day. That’s what he enjoys most during his 8 years of being a franchisee, which has seen him pack and send some amazing items like a leather bound 18th Century Apothecary’s (Chemists) Reference Book and a very old and valuable painting, a J.M.W. Turner piece that was shipped to the Tate Gallery in London, just to name a few.

A recent client (a private collector who wished to remain anonymous) reached out to Chris about shipping an item described as a “dolls house”. Continue reading Shipping a Dolls House with a Difference – Dunroven Hotel

11 Etiquette Tips for Giving Business Gifts

business gift givingChoosing the perfect gift for your colleagues and clients always turns out to be more complicated than you first imagined. Many factors play a role in selecting a suitable gift, but where to start?  No matter where or when you do your shopping, there are rules you can follow that will guide you towards giving a gift that is appropriate, appreciated and remembered for all the right reasons. Here are 11 etiquette tips for giving business gifts. Continue reading 11 Etiquette Tips for Giving Business Gifts

8 Overlooked Cities in England

overlooked england citiesWhile England isn’t a huge country there’s more than just the obvious tourist locations to visit. When people think of England, it’s usually of London and Big Ben more times than not and while London is a tourist hotspot for a reason, there’s many English cities and towns that are also worth the visit. Travelling outside of the busy city to some of these amazing but underrated locations can provide a unique experience away from the chaos of the tourist loaded streets of London.

Here are eight overlooked cities in England. Continue reading 8 Overlooked Cities in England

The Most Expensive Items Sold on eBay

most expensive ebay itemsThe world’s largest marketplace is now more than 20 years old and is one of the most recognised companies across the globe. With hundreds of millions of listings live at any one point, eBay, the initiator of ecommerce if you will, shows no signs of slowing. Over the years weird and whacky listings of almost every kind have shown up on the site, reimagining the way society does business.

In September 1995, the first item listed on eBay was a broken laser pointer. And in the true essence of eBay, this otherwise useless item was sold, for $14.83. Since then, the site has seen some of the most expensive sales ever made.

Here’s a look at the most expensive items sold on eBay that over 20 years of internet trading has produced: Continue reading The Most Expensive Items Sold on eBay