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6 Rules Aspiring Events Managers Should Follow

Planning an event can be difficult. You may have a lot of people to coordinate, many things to organise and deadlines to reach. Therefore, it’s no surprise how stressful event management can be.

So, whether you’re planning a huge event with 500 plus attendees or a small business meeting between executives, we have some great tips to help meet those stressful demands. Continue reading 6 Rules Aspiring Events Managers Should Follow


Tips for Starting Your Own eCommerce Business

Starting your own eCommerce Business might sound like a huge undertaking, but a little effort will get you a long way. Online retail is growing year after year, and now is the best time to start your first eCommerce website. This eMarketer projection shows that retail eCommerce sales will increase to $4.058 trillion in 2020, making up 14.6% of total retail spending

There is no doubt that technology has aided the trend of purchasing from home or on a mobile device. However, even with these soaring numbers and technological aids, starting an eCommerce site doesn’t guarantee success.

This article will look at some steps necessary to start your own eCommerce website, all you need is dedication, perseverance, and the willingness to learn. Continue reading Tips for Starting Your Own eCommerce Business

Warehouse manager & team smiling at camera in a large warehouse

7 Blogs warehouse managers should be reading in 2017

Individuals working in warehouse management or retail – where everything from new technology to updated supply chain processes are commonplace – know that daily reading is, or should be, a critical source of information. If you are not keeping up to date with industry trends, this is the best way to do so.

Read on for a range of retail themed blogs that is recommended for any warehouse management professional working in this industry. Continue reading 7 Blogs warehouse managers should be reading in 2017


Start an Online Fashion Shop with These Helpful Tips!

There’s no doubting that online shopping is a huge industry that will only continue to grow as consumers and retailers alike become more comfortable and knowledgeable about this trend. In Australia alone, fashion eCommerce is a $3.15B market, $2B of that is spent entirely with Domestic Australian merchants. Fashion is the 3rd largest category of online sales, behind groceries and homeware.

The following tips are designed to help anyone, from those just starting out to more experienced sellers, capitalise on the Online Fashion industry. Continue reading Start an Online Fashion Shop with These Helpful Tips!


10 Steps to Follow When Moving to Australia for University

University study is often a daunting though for young people. When you add the prospect of moving to a foreign country to study, it can raise the stressful feelings to another level.

So, what are the benefits of overseas study? Going international shows a flexibility and maturity. Overseas study may give you an upper hand as employers look for an experienced individual who pushes themselves, and has a strong willingness to learn and embrace new environments. Similarly, it’s a way of trying something new, gaining a new perspective and an education you wouldn’t experience in your native country. Continue reading 10 Steps to Follow When Moving to Australia for University


Pack & Send Business Scholarship

PACK & SEND is a leading parcel courier and freight reseller. We deliver choice, convenience and customised solutions for businesses, e-tailers and consumers when sending goods anywhere, saving you time, trouble and money.

PACK & SEND is committed to helping you take your Marketing or Business Studies to the next level. To help kick start your career. We are offering a scholarship to a student who is currently enrolled in a Logistics or Business Degree.

The PACK & SEND Scholarship will award one deserving individual a $1,500, to put towards university related expenses.

The PACK & SEND Scholarship could be the fantastic start you need in developing your business skills or to kick start a successful job!

Review the information below to find out if you are eligible, and start working on your application today.

Applications open 20th March 2017.

PACK & SEND Scholarship Eligibility – Continue reading Pack & Send Business Scholarship


Send your American mates these great Aussie gifts, with our USA parcel courier service

For those who have moved to America from Australia, or Americans who have experienced Australia, it can be disappointing to find that Australia has a lot of things Americans simply cannot get. To help these poor souls out, we have created a list of the top items you can send for them to enjoy with a USA parcel courier service.

Continue reading Send your American mates these great Aussie gifts, with our USA parcel courier service

PACK & SEND artist customer

6 Tips for Shipping Art

Shipping art pieces and paintings can be a difficult and nerve-wracking challenge. Both the artist and client want the artwork to remain in a pristine, undamaged condition, but ensuring this as the artwork is sent to a new destination can prove to be difficult. Below are some tips to make this process easier for you.  These tips are to help you ship artworks safely, professionally and efficiently.

Continue reading 6 Tips for Shipping Art